Sorcerized Corn

by devinking

K-punk has a good post up at the moment detailing his thoughts on a European Business Ethics Conference at which he spoke. As I’ve been working on some poems about eco-movement/responsibility/youth-culture, I perked up at this quote:

But the subject supposed to recycle, Campell argued, presupposed the structure not supposed to recycle: in making recycling the responsibility of ‘everyone’, structure contracts out its responsibility to consumers, by itself receding into invisibility. The discussion after Campbell’s paper turned on the question of agency – since “corporations are made up of individuals” doesn’t this mean that there is always hope for change? But it seems to me that “individual” is best defined as one incapable of acting. I would suggest that, at this time when the appeal to individual ethical responsibility has never been more clamorous – in her new book, Judith Butler Frames Of War uses the term “responsibilization” to refer to this phenomenon – it is necessary to wager instead on structure at its most totalizing. Instead of saying that everyone – i.e. every one – is responsible for climate change, we all have to do our bit, it would be better to say that no-one is, and that’s the very problem. The cause of eco-catastrophe is an impersonal structure which, even though it is capable of producing all manner of effects, is precisely not a subject capable of exercising responsibility.

(And, of course, MGMT, is playing on shuffle while I read this–which, btw, I heard in Reckless the other day and watched at least three conversations happen between clerks who were “surprised” by the record as they had written it off on the basis of the first single. I had been sitting there for about one side of the record, selling some cds, and have to say, was surprised in the same way).

Last night, showing Amira some poems, I had an odd moment of trying to describe to her both the form and the content of a poem: she’d read it quickly and was interested in just trying to get me to talk about them. I had absolutely nothing to say, though it was based around a 3 syllable/line count I’ve been working with and was a part of this series on hipster/youth culture I’ve been working on. Where was she losing the thread?

spoke of Diana’s hill-
billy re-
her overalls,
her corn pipe,
liquor, her
cobs for com-
post, her sor-
cerized corn
she no long-
er eats