Rock Bottom

by devinking

Morton’s still inspiring here and here, both posts about sine waves and sampling.

I’ve been looking (back) into Newton and Huygens recently for a wall piece and a poem (and how the two pieces been overlapping!) and it led me to think how the Huygens-Fresnel principle could be applied to Morton’s ideas about the mind as sampler.

The HF-principle is basically the idea that any point that is disturbed by a wave then acts as if it was a generator of the wave. Every wave moving outwards from a source also seems to emanate from every point the wave hits along the way. This is how the original sound source then can sound distorted in different ways through the additive vibrations that enter the air from the “false” points of reference. A sound loses its purity when it hits a wall and the wall sends the sound back outwards. In other instances, a sound moves through a hole in the wall, and, through what’s called single slit diffraction, the sound seems to originate from the hole.

I know this doesn’t quite correspond precisely to Morton’s idea of the mind as sensual sampler–but it, at least, helps me begin to see how mind can be a point of reception among many, adding and subtracting certain aspects of the wave. In this way, the mind, and other objects, seem to act more like a filter than a sampler–maybe we could even think of experience of the sensual, by all objects, as subtractive synthesis?

I reminded of an interview recently with Dr Jean-Baptiste Labrune where he talked about using natural objects as resistors: