Henry VI, Pt. 1

by devinking


Fain would mine eyes be witness with mine ears,

To give their censure of these rare reports.

II.3, 9-10



Long time thy shadow hath been thrall to me,

For in my gallery thy picture hangs;

But now the substance shall endure the like,

And I will chain these legs and arms of thine…


I laugh to see your ladyship so fond

To think you have aught but Talbot’s shadow

Whereon to practice your severity.


Why? Art not thou the man?


I am indeed.


Then have I substance too.


No, no, I am but shadow of myself.

You are deceived; my substance is not here.

For what you see is but the smallest part

And least proportion of humanity.

I tell you, madam, were the whole frame here,

It is of such a spacious lofty pitch

Your roof were not sufficient to contain’t.

II.3, 35-38, 44-56



As plays the sun upon the glassy stream,

Twinkling another counterfeited beam,

So seems this gorgeous beauty to mine eyes.

V.5, 18-20